Spies, Part 1

Reilly, Ace of Spies
The amazing true story of the man who was the prototype of Ian Fleming's James Bond character.

James Jesus Angleton
First CIA "mole" hunter was a fascinating, obsessive character right out of The Good Shepherd movie. Educated at an exclusive British prep school and Yale, he was recruited into the OSS during WWII and eventually became the CIA's first chief of counterintelligence.

The revelation that his drinking buddy Kim Philby was a Soviet agent shocked him so totally that he became paranoid. This legendary spy master thwarted numerous attempts to penetrate the CIA, but eventually his mistakes brought his downfall.

Robert Hanssen
Respected FBI agent, family man and staunch Catholic conservative leads a double life spying for the Russians, hanging around strip clubs and surfing Internet porn sites. Adrian Havill, author of The Spy Who Stayed Out in the Cold: The Secret Life of Robert Hanssen, tells the inside story of the real man and how the FBI trapped him.

Mata Hari
The true story of the legendary young woman who sought adventure, seduced Europe with her exotic dancing and became one of the most famous spies.

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