Buddhist Temple Massacre:
Test your investigative skills with this new interactive story and work alongside the police as they try to solve the brutal murders of peace-loving people who made the Arizona desert bloom.

Criminal Profiling, Part 2:
Look for behavioral clues in this high-profile whodunit with two separate investigative threads.

On a chilly September morning in 1990, a woman's body was found along the bank of the Vitava River in Czechoslovakia, near Prague. She was lying on her back, nude, with a pair of gray stockings knotted around her neck. Left in a sexually suggestive position with her legs open, she was covered with leaves, grass and twigs. Those who found her ran to alert the authorities. On her finger was a gold ring.

It appeared that she had been killed recently, perhaps the night before. There were bruises all over her, signaling quite a struggle, but oddly enough, no sign that she had been raped. Her fingerprints were not on file.

As the investigating officer, where do you go from here? Come along and test your investigative skills.

Robert Berdella:
An art student turns into a sadistic Jeffrey-Dahmer-like murderer of young men, known as the Butcher of Kansas City. This interactive forensics story also goes into the psychology of a psychopath.

John Joubert:
Young enlisted man murders boys and is convicted by forensic evidence. Sophisticated and beginning sleuths can follow the investigation and test their skills through short quizzes.

The Mormon Forgery Murders:
An outstanding case of forensic techniques used to solve a horrifying bombing case in which two people were murdered.

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