Spree Murders, Part 1

Seton Hall
Frank dropped low to the floor, and edged toward the open door. Beyond it, there was nothing but a swirling blackness, a deadly sea of smoke and toxic fumes that had been released by the heat of the blaze. Frank went first. He turned left out the door and had only crawled a few inches before he disappeared into the maelstrom. It was the worst dormitory file in American history. Worse still, it was deliberately set.

Sizzlers Massacre
Mark Hamilton got out of the taxi at 7 Graham Road in Sea Point. It would still be dark for some time on this Monday morning of January 20, 2003. He walked toward the house and found it strange that the security gate stood ajar. Usually, it was locked and one had to ring the bell for service. Although it looked like a normal house, Sizzlers was a gay massage parlor, and the owner was concerned with safety. Inside was a bloodbath. Was it a mob hit, a hate crime or an unbelievably brutal theft?

Wichita Horror
A man approached her. "I need some help," he said. Then he pulled a gun and ordered, "Don't move the car!" The panicked woman started to drive away but gunfire shattered the glass of the car window and ripped through her body. Severely wounded but still conscious, she pressed her car's horn. She recovered consciousness and spoke with police from her hospital bed before dying of her injuries. While she was still clinging to life, her murderers would commit an even greater outrage.

Charles Starkweather
This classic case has captured the imagination of film makers and writers for decades, inspiring movies like Natural Born Killers, Badlands and Wild at Heart. Nineteen-year-old Charles Starkweather was desperate. Desperate to marry his jailbait girlfriend. Desperate to make some money so he wouldn't be broke every day of his life. Desperate to get out of the Nebraska town where everyone had figured him for a loser. He and Caril Fugate embarked on a murder spree that horrified the country.

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