Pedophiles and Child Killers, Part 1

Westley Allan Dodd
A parent's worst nightmare, this monster carefully planned the execution of little boys, stalked and abducted them and then tortured and murdered them. How do we know? He videotaped it all and kept a detailed journal.

Dodd began sexually abusing children when he was only 13 years old. As grade schoolers passed by his house, he stood in the upstairs bedroom window, naked, hiding his face behind the curtain.

Driven to Kill
An excerpt from top-selling true crime author Gary C. King's book that tells the grisly story of pedophile and child killer Westley Allan Dodd.

The Slaughter of Innocence
NY Detective Mark Gado delves into the secret criminal world of pedophiles and child molesters: how it operates under the radar screens of law enforcement and communities; ways to identify these people and what to do to stop them from violating your children.

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