Human Predators, Part 4

The Baton Rouge Serial Killer
Beautiful women are abducted from their homes in the Baton Rouge area and panic ensues as the residents realize there is a serial killer in their midst. Small-town investigators with sharp instincts identify Baton Rouge serial killer while big agencies are derailed with flawed FBI profile guiding their activities. DNA finally turns them in the right direction.

The Yorkshire Ripper
On Friday, 2 January 1981 the Yorkshire Ripper's reign of terror came to an end. In the previous five years, beginning in July 1975 with his first attack, he had killed thirteen women and left seven others for dead. The seven survivors were told how lucky they were, but with physical, emotional and psychological scars that would never completely heal, they didnt feel very lucky.

Some would even believe that they would have been better off if the man they had known for so long as The Ripper, had succeeded in killing them. As England celebrated this triumph of good over evil, the Yorkshire Rippers family sat stunned. It was incomprehensible to them that the Peter William Sutcliffe that they knew and loved could possibly be responsible for the heinous crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Gerald & Charlene Gallego
We have a few stock images that spring to mind when we think of serial killers. Maybe we see a Jeffrey Dahmer-type character--quietly savage, a misfit loner who practices his unspeakable avocation under societys radar. We probably do not, however, associate married couples with our notions of serial killing.

Gerald and Charlene kidnapped and killed ten people, mostly teenage girls, lured and captured in well-planned schemes, the ultimate goal of which was to provide a steady procession of disposable "love slaves." Depending on whose story you believe, Charlene Gallego was either a reluctant facilitator of, or a willing participant in her husband Gerald's tragic extended binge. After the couple's apprehension, Charlene claimed that Gerald had beaten and intimidated her into helping him, but Gerald, for his part, insisted that she had taken part in the assaults and killings. "We had this sexual fantasy see, so we just carried it out," Charlene later recounted chillingly. "I mean, like it was easy and fun and we really enjoyed it, so why shouldn't we do it?"

The Monster of Florence
For decades, this bizarre predator stalked men and women in love, murdered them and sexually mutilated the women. A number of men were suspected of being the "Monster" and there were several trials associated with this unsolved case. This most unusual story inspired author Thomas Harris to locate one of his Hannibal Lecter books in Florence.

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