Beauties and the Beasts, Part 4

Deborah Gardner
Dubbed the most beautiful girl in the Peace Corps, it seemed that everyone loved Deborah Gardner.

She was smart, alluring, funny and free-spirited. Her life was a wide-open adventure and she loved teaching in the Pacific island of Tonga. Unfortunately, someone as attractive as she was had unwelcome suitors: one, a fellow Peace Corps worker became relentless, obsessed pursuer who attacked her in a jealous rage.

Perhaps even more shocking than her brutal murder is that fact that her killer is alive and free in New York City.

Valerie Percy
In the predawn hush of a September Sunday in 1966, someone broke into a mansion on Lake Michigan outside Chicago, crept upstairs to a bedroom, and stabbed and bludgeoned a bright, pretty young woman named Valerie Jeanne Percy to death.

A crime psychologist said the vicious nature of the slaying showed "the murderer wanted to attack her personally."

Today, the murder of Senator Charles Percy's beautiful daughter is still unsolved, but new suspects are found.

Bonnie Garland
Wealthy Scarsdale student is brutally bludgeoned in her sleep by her Mexican-American boyfriend. A bizarre public relations campaign orchestrated by the Catholic clergy results in a trial that portrays the killer as the victim.

Murder in Central Park
Handsome bad boy Robert Chambers murders attractive young Jennifer Levin in the park.

The Jennifer Levin murder case captivated New York City and mesmerized the public with its sordid tale of "rough sex" and a freewheeling lifestyle among the city's spoiled youth. Fueled by the tabloids, which featured such titillating headlines as SEX PLAY GOT ROUGH, JEN'S SEX DIARY and the now notorious, HOW JENNY COURTED DEATH, the case dominated front-page news for two years.

The media turned Chambers into the victim, blaming a very young woman for her rape and murder. Jennifer Levin, 5 foot 3 inches and 120 pounds, roughed him up a little too much during sexual play behind Manhattan's Museum of Art. He said that he was forced to act in self-defense when he accidentally choked her to death.

Now "preppie" killer Robert Chambers is charged on multiple felony drug counts.

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