Human Predators, Part 3

Ripper Rapists
A surge of cold into her lungs. Awareness. She is alive. But outside now. On the sand. On the broken glass. And there is an arm. Moving above her face. Left and right. Left and right. His movements are making a sound. A wet sound.

The sound of her flesh being slashed open. He's cutting her throat with the knife. Again and again and again.

It feels unreal as she watches droplets of her blood flung into the night. But it isn't. She feels no pain, but this is not a dream. This is happening. The man is slashing her throat.

The fear and the horror wrench through every nerve in her body. But she is completely aware.

The horrific injuries didnt stop with her throat being slashed. Yet, this attractive young woman who had been left for dead, survived. Her personal strength and a few miracles have given her life back.

The Dark Strangler
For more than a year, this specter roamed the United States slipping in and out of boarding houses and suburban homes, murdering dozens of landladies and raping them brutally post-mortem.

His body count was in the high 20s, and unlike most serial killers, he rarely used a weapon. It seems he enjoyed choking the life out of his victims. His prodigious strength also earned him the nickname Gorilla Killer. Police began to think that like a real-life version of Edgar Allen Poe's Murder in the Rue Morgue murderer, this killer was inhuman. No normal man had the might to strangle a healthy woman and handle her body the way this killer did. Only a phantom could go unnoticed in such populated areas, and only a monster would do the things to the dead that this killer seemed to enjoy.

Only the River Knows
Is there a homicidal maniac, a serial killer, stalking the young men of the college town of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Five young men, many of which were athletes drowned under mysterious circumstances in the frigid waters of the Mississippi River.

The last one, Jared Dion, had been out with his friends and his brother Adam the night of April 9, 2004. A strapping, 21-year-old sophomore he was a member of the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse wrestling team and had been an outstanding athlete in his high school days Dion had clearly been drinking. But by all accounts, he was not so drunk that fellow revelers took much notice when he staggered out of one of those downtown bars clad in his baseball cap and a maroon UW-LaX sweatshirt. It was a pity that they hadn't taken more notice. It was the last time any of them would see the gregarious young wrestler alive.

Five days later, Jared Dion's bloated body was pulled from the frigid waters of the Mississippi. It was just a coincidence, they said, macabre perhaps, but a coincidence nonetheless that Jared's disappearance came almost precisely five years to the day that another young college-age man, a man bearing a striking resemblance to Dion, had drowned along that same stretch of river under circumstances that were chillingly similar.

Years earlier, residents of La Crosse had already begun to whisper that perhaps there was a killer at work in their town, a killer who for whatever reason, targeted muscular young men and took advantage of them when they were deep in their cups.

The Snowtown Murders
A bank vault's deadly math 6 vats, 3 months, 15 human feet. What is the mystery behind this grisly find?

To understand the horrific saga of Australias worst serial killing case, one must first go back in time. Back to a foreboding 1994 prequel: a grisly find at rural Lower Light, about 50 kilometres north of Adelaide, the South Australian capital.

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