Justice Delayed, Part 1

The Career Girl Murders
There are few stories in the annals of true crime like that of the career girl murder case of 1963. On one level, it was a classical whodunit tale that had Manhattan detectives stumped for many months while public pressure to solve the killings built to a boiling point. The savage sex-murders of two girls on Manhattans Upper East Side in 1963 instilled genuine fear into thousands of young women and shocked even the most hardened investigators. On another level, it exposed an ugly and secret side of police work, which forced the Supreme Court of the United States to address the constitutional issues at stake. The case served as the blueprint for a popular television show of the 1970s called Kojak, starring Telly Savalas. But the series, which ran for many years, never put the actual story on TV. Maybe it was too controversial or too bizarre or maybe the truth was just too much for some people.

Azaria Chamberlain Case
"A Dingo Took My Baby!"

They were the words that Lindy Chamberlain had screamed out into the blackness of the cold night in a camping ground close to Ayers Rock, Central Australia, on the night of August 17, when the minister's wife discovered that her nearly ten-week-old baby, Azaria had been taken by a dingo.

There were dingo tracks going in and out of the tent and fellow campers were eye witnesses to the events, but somehow the media got ahold of the story and twisted it beyond recognition. Despite the all the forensic evidence to the contrary, Lindy was convicted of murder and spent years in prison until this horrible miscarriage of justice was exposed. This is the real story behind Meryl Streep's classic movie "A Cry in the Dark."

Alice Crimmins
In this classic murder mystery, Alice Crimmins' two children are murdered. As a very attractive and sexually adventuresome woman in the 1960s, she is railroaded into a conviction not based upon the evidence, but upon the scandal of her sex life. "A tramp like her is capable of anything," the prosecutor sneered.

The twists and turns, surprise witnesses and tabloid events of her two trials almost defy belief. Not surprisingly, this extraordinary case has been the subject of books, movies and plays.

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