Lady Killers, Part 1

Jeremy Bryan Jones
On Halloween night in 2002, Tina Mayberry stepped out of Gipson's restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia, where she'd been attending a Halloween party. Moments later, she staggered back into the bar, bleeding from stab wounds and seeking help. Despite frantic efforts of party goers and the paramedics, she died a short time later at an Atlanta hospital. She had neither been robbed nor sexually molested; there was no apparent motive, no clues, no suspect.

Vicki Freeman described her boyfriend Jeremy as "....caring, considerate, loving. Gentle." Freeman, fourteen years Jones' senior, met him in 2003 in the same bar where Tina Mayberry was stabbed. Jones approached her and told her she was beautiful. It was apparently love at first sight.

But love with Jeremy Jones had a dark side, and Freeman admitted that he had been physically abusive, but that they always made up. She thinks that the police are piling all their old crimes on her lover, trying to clear their books of unsolved murders.

This glib, good-looking psychopath raped & killed over a dozen women for fun, bragging he can "talk the panties off a nun." Mistaken FBI fingerprint system allowed him to hide under another criminal's identity for years, resulting in the unnecessary death of several women.

The Casanova Killer
Soon after killing Mr. Carr, the John Paul Knowles put on one of Carr's suits and wandered into a Holiday Inn bar in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time, British journalist Sandy Fawkes came into the bar looking for a drink. She had just come in from a failed assignment in Washington, D.C., feeling tired and discouraged, and she noticed him. Thinking he was handsome, she described him like this: "His gaunt good looks made him stand out from the crowd." She observed his nice suit and tie and thought he might be European. However, when he came over to ask her to dance, she declined and said she had to work. She then left to go to the local newspaper offices, but upon her return, the stranger was still there. "Decidedly, he really was very handsome," she wrote, "tall, well over six foot, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped and as slender as a wraith." She noted his carved cheekbones, beaked nose, and "well-formed mouth." They struck up a conversation, went to dinner, and despite her resolve, they ended up in bed.

This handsome psychopath, known as the Casanova Killer, went on a spree that left 18-20 people dead.

Spokane Serial Killer
The stark realization that the deaths of seven women since late summer 1997, four of whom were killed during the year's final weeks, were the work of a serial killer, renewed fears among the public and law enforcement officials alike that the infamous and elusive Seattle-area Green River Killer had found a new killing ground in and around Spokane, Washington.

It was only talk and speculation, quelled by the fact that the killer's method of operation was markedly different from that of the Green River Killer. Disturbingly, the number of bodies would more than double before they stopped, and many others would be attributed to the same killer.

Surprisingly when the killer was found, he turned out to be the father of four daughters and a son, who led a relatively ordinary and unremarkable life that was characterized by exemplary military service.

Issei Sagawa
While studying in Paris, this brilliant Japanese student spotted Renee Hartevelt, a beautiful Nordic-looking woman. He fell instantly in love and could not stop thinking about the white skin of her arms. She was the perfect woman for what he wanted to do, but he had to be careful. He had to be ready.

Renee was 25, blonde, and independent. She spoke three languages and had a bright future, with the aim of getting a Ph.D. in French literature. Sagawa asked her to teach him German, and since his father was quite wealthy he could pay her well. She accepted.

He found these Nordic women overpowering, and even as he claimed he loved them, he wanted to posses and destroy them and so he did. He lured her to his home to murder and eat her to satisfy his long-held sexual fantasy. Avoiding prison for his crime, the cannibal is now a celebrity in Japan.

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