Sleeping With The Enemy, Part 5

The "Fatal Attraction" Case
Every married man who ever thought of cheating on his wife quaked when he saw Glenn Close as the maniacal girlfriend in the movie "Fatal Attraction." In 1989, a real life Fatal Attraction burst into the New York headlines in a terrifying combination of sex, obsession and death. Attractive and sexy heiress Carolyn Warmus goes after her man and murders his wife.

Early in the trial Carolyn appeared in a short, very tight, very sexy miniskirt that had photographers snapping away and film crews tripping over each other to get a better view. A photo of Carolyn, wearing a short skirt, which exposed her nicely formed legs, appeared in the nations newspapers and news magazines over the next few months. Always dressed to perfection in designer clothes, Carolyn paraded each day into the courthouse more like a model on a runway than a murder defendant. With her blonde hair, confident style and voluptuous body, she was a femme fatale right out of 1940s film noir, a woman who broke all the rules. She was a symbol of a love gone wrong, an affair that spiraled out of control until it ended in murder and betrayal. She was the rich, spoiled heiress on trial for her life who wanted a man so much, she was willing to kill to have him all for herself.

Michael Fletcher
Mick Fletcher took a deep breath, trying to control his ire. He was tired of telling the story to the police. He had told it three times, to three different people and had told it the same way, with little variation each time. The veins in his neck pulsed with tension. He got the distinct impression they didnt believe him. He fiddled nervously with a pen.

"I was having trouble putting the bullets in the clip," he started again. "I had to go to the bathroom, so I gave the clip to Leann and asked her to finish loading it. I was at the sink and I heard the shot. I ran into the bedroom and she was lying there. I couldn't feel any pulse or see her breathing, and I called 911."

Detective Thomas Cleyman, a 13-year veteran and experienced investigator of many homicides, listened to Mick tell the story. There was something troubling him about Fletcher, a 29-year-old lawyer with a pregnant wife and lady judge as a girlfriend, but he couldn't place it.

Murder in Miami
The eyes that stare out from the Florida prison mug shot are unmistakably those of Joyce Lemay Cohen. Once as pretty as a fashion model, she has retained some of her attractive features umber-colored eyes, lush lips and noble cheekbones. But her hair is shorn, and she has gone gray. Something she would never have tolerated in the lavish life she once led. But after 15 years in prison, any remaining glimmer of glamour went dull long ago for Cohen.

At age 24 she married a rich older man, Stanley Cohen, who introduced Joyce, his fourth wife, to a jet-set way of life. They lived in an historic mansion overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami's ritzy Coconut Grove section. They drove Jaguars and flew in their own jet. They vacationed in one adult sandbox after another the Bahamas, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Las Vegas and Cancun, Mexico. Mrs. Cohen became accustomed to the fine things in life designer clothing, satin sheets, servants.

She enjoyed her husband's wealth. She enjoyed his "Miami Vice" lifestyle. She enjoyed his social status. But over time the marriage began to lose its sheen. He was playing around on her and she was doing too much cocaine.

Colonel George Marecek
Few had honed their military demeanor as thoroughly as George Marecek had. In 36 years in the Special Forces, Marecek had survived two wars, and in the process became one of the most highly decorated soldiers in Special Forces history. By dint of his brains, his courage, and his skills he worked his way up in a hard bitten, hard driving Green Berets, rising from a private to the level of colonel. In short, Marecek was a man who no one ever would expect to see crumble.

But on that day, according to witnesses, he did.

His beautiful Thai-born wife Viparet was murdered.

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