Beauties and the Beasts, Part 3

Andrew Luster
Spoiled Max Factor heir added spice to his empty life as a "surf bum" by drugging, raping and videotaping young women.

At his trial jurors watched a three-hour video recording of Luster's conversation with a woman detective on the day of his arrest in 2000. Luster, barefoot and wearing shorts and a muscle shirt, was so confident that he waived his right to consult an attorney. "We did have consensual sex, completely consensual," Luster said of his victim. "I don't know where she gets assault. There was no struggling, no saying, 'No, no, no,' nothing like that...She totally dug it. There was no negativity at all. She was loving it."

When it was clear he would be convicted for several rapes, he fled to Mexico during his trial and was captured by flamboyant bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman.

Harvey Glatman
He would spot a pretty woman on Denver's streets and follow her home. After he was assured of her address, he would climb through a window or up a set of back stairs into her abode. Once inside, he forced her to her bedroom where he secured her hands with a length of cord he carried in his jacket everywhere he went. He also muzzled her mouth with a gag cloth. The gun brought the advantage, the cloth silenced her yelps, but the rope, he discovered, was the key to a new sensation. It pinned back the woman's flailing arms, allowing him the liberty to run his fingers across a soft, curving body without interruption. To explore new mysteries and reach new peaks. The lady was at his mercy as he had been at the mercy of all those girls who had called him laughable names on the playground.

Tying victims to a bed or a chair, he unbuttoned their blouses, loosened their skirts, and fondled their flesh and, simultaneously, his own. Sometimes he made them lie down beside him and pretended that they enjoyed it as much as he did. He would not fully undress them, nor rape them for the libido was fully satisfied just to crack the moral bell jar. But, best of all for the inadequate Harvey Glatman, the more he touched them the more comfortable he became in their presence. After each molestation, he felt himself more like the man he wanted to be and not like the loser in those newspaper ads promoting vitamins, the guy who gets sand kicked in his face by some muscleman.

His horrifying photos were more than souvenirs because, in Glatman's mind, they actually carried the power of his need for bondage and control. They showed the women in various poses: sitting up or lying down, hands always bound behind their backs, innocent looks on their faces, but with eyes wide with terror because they had guessed what was to come."

Joel Patrick Courtney
On the morning of May 24, 2004, Brooke Wilberger, a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed coed who had just completed her freshman year at Brigham Young University, was washing lampposts in the Corvallis, Oregon apartment complex managed by her sister and brother-in-law. One moment she was there, the next moment, she was gone. She left behind her flip flops, a pail of sudsy water, and no witnesses to her disappearance.

Only one man saw something. His name was Brian, and he called the police, saying he'd seen a green minivan driving erratically. Before he could explain further, the call was disconnected, and he never called back.

On November 30, 2004, a foreign exchange student in New Mexico was grabbed at knifepoint and ordered into the back of a red two-door Honda with tinted windows. The assailant drove her to a deserted parking lot, and threatened to kill her unless she undressed and performed oral sex on him. He tied her ankles together with a shoelace, tied her wrists with a scarf, stuffed her panties into her mouth and pinned them there by tying another shoelace around her head.

Clues in both cases led to a violent man with a long rap sheet who had no business being free.

Tommy Lynn Sells
He just loved to kill. It was almost a mission.

Calling himself "Coast to Coast," to describe his geographic reach, he admitted the murder of Katy Harris and the throat-slashing of her friend. He said he killed an entire family in Illinois, a mother and daughter in Missouri, a teenage girl in Lexington, Ky., a drifter in Arizona, a child in San Antonio. And there were many morea string of perhaps 20 murders across America that spanned three decades, by Sells' account.

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