Human Predators, Part 1

Albert Fish
This gentle-looking, benevolent grandfather cleverly lured children to their death, then devised recipes to eat them. This cannibal model for Hannibal Lector is a study in criminal psychology and a true enigma. His wife thought him to be a wonderful husband and his children believed him to be a model father. What inner torments caused him to drive many spikes into his pelvis and tell people that he looked forward to his execution?

Fred and Rose West
They were the typical family next door, or at least they appeared to be. But 1994 witnessed the slow peeling away of the layers of secrets hidden in the ordinary house at 25 Cromwell Street, now known as the Gloucester House of Horrors. Rose was running a thriving prostitution business, bearing illegitimate, mixed race children one after another, while Fred lured young women to stay at the house. While that may have provoked scandal, police discovered that Fred & Rose turned their children and guests into sex slaves and murdered them when they tried to escape.

Criminal Profiling, Part 2 (Interactive story)
Look for behavioral clues in this high-profile whodunit with two separate investigative threads.

On a chilly September morning in 1990, a woman's body was found along the bank of the Vitava River in Czechoslovakia, near Prague. She was lying on her back, nude, with a pair of gray stockings knotted around her neck. Left in a sexually suggestive position with her legs open, she was covered with leaves, grass and twigs. Those who found her ran to alert the authorities. On her finger was a gold ring.

It appeared that she had been killed recently, perhaps the night before. There were bruises all over her, signaling quite a struggle, but oddly enough, no sign that she had been raped. Her fingerprints were not on file.

As the investigating officer, where do you go from here? Come along and test your investigative skills.

Robert Hansen
Alaskan serial killer lured women to his cabin, brutalized them and then released them in the wilderness to attempt their escapes. But then, he sadistically went after them and hunted them down like wild animals.

Famed former FBI profiler John Douglas had been asked by police to look into Hansen as a suspect. He took note of the fact that Hansen was of small stature, heavily pockmarked and suffered from a severe speech impediment. Due to Hansen's unsightly looks, Douglas surmised that he suffered from severe skin problems as an adolescent and was probably teased by his peers. In turn, he would have low self-esteem, which would have prompted him to live in an isolated area. Douglas considered the abuse of prostitutes a way for perpetrators to get back at women.

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