Murder Most Extraordinary

Robert Durst
Rich and powerful, eccentric and very arrogant, he shoplifted a chicken sandwich and was apprehended for the mutilation murder of an old man. This millionaire cross-dressing killer may have murdered his best friend and others as well.

Rick Chance
Like in F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal novel, everything Rick Chance did was bigger than life. His rise from farmer to millionaire came faster than most; his marketing style was more brash, his marriages more passionate, his divorces more rancorous, his death more violent. A paradox of personalities, Chance was part huckster, part born-again Christian, part genius, part fool. Labels didn't seem to fit Chance and he was constantly shedding one persona for another. People loved him or they hated him, or they loved to hate him.

Ken McElroy
Shootist, rapist and consummate intimidator, he terrorized his community until the people took the law into their own hands. Twenty-five years later, the daughters of his victims give their first joint interview about what really happened in the famous "candy incident" that put the town in the center of a media circus.

Murder in Tennessee
Some people believe that politicians will say and do anything to win. In Tennessee, bizarre politician, Byron "Low Tax" Looper, tries to win the election by murdering his opponent. Fortunately, this daring campaign strategy has not caught on nationwide.

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