Sex Slaves, Part 3

The Girl in the Box
It started out as a simple trip from her home in Oregon to see her friend in California, but she never got there. As she hitchhiked, she was picked up by Cameron & Janice Hooker. Instead she spent the next seven years chained, blindfolded and living in a ventilated box, wearing a slave collar.

Eventually she was allowed to do household chores such as cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up for the couple and their two children. Yet whenever Cameron yelled "Attention!" she was to strip off her clothes, stand on her tiptoes, and reach her hands to the top of the doorway between the living room and dining room.

Then one day the whole nightmare ended as quickly as it had begun.

Tanya Kach
The teenager was seduced and abducted by Thomas Hose, the security guard at her school. At fourteen, she was robbed of the rest of her childhood as she was forced to live for ten years on the top floor of her captor's house, not being allowed to go out until she was an adult. Incredibly, her captors parents lived in the house the entire time, not having any idea that she was living in their sons room. By chance she was rescued by the sharp intuition of a local deli owner.

Kenneth Parnell & Steven Stayner
Serial pedophile Kenneth Parnell abducts seven-year-old Steven Stayner, the brother of serial killer Cary Stayner, and takes him to live in his cabin near Yosemite. By a tragic coincidence, Stevens stepmothers father had a cabin a few hundred feet from Parnell's, not knowing that his Steven was easily within the sound of voice.

Stevens seven years of captivity are partially shared when a new boy is abducted and shares his fate as a sex slave to the aging pedophile.

Years later in 2002, Parnell was free and in his 70s, but Parnell's age and frailty did not prevent him from asking a caregiver to obtain a little African-American boy for him. Parnell offered the woman $500 for the service. At first, the woman doubted that the old man was serious, but when she became convinced that he was, she went to the authorities. A sting operation was arranged and Parnell was caught red handed in an attempt to perpetrate his twisted, criminal behavior on another child victim.

John E. Robinson Sr.
This first Internet serial killer is one of the boldest criminals in recent history, using bondage and S&M to lure unsuspecting women to their deaths. His story is one of the most bizarre and lengthy homicidal careers in American criminal history.

His brutal treatment of his sometimes willing victims stands in stark contrast to his benign, fleshy appearance. Robinson compounded his murderous ways by taking the infant of one victim and selling it to his brother, pretending to be a do-good adoption broker. He seduced vulnerable or lonely women he met through Internet chat rooms and killed them, continuing to cash their government checks or alimony payments for years with just minimal interference from their desperate families and frustrated investigators.

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