Monsters, Part 5

Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell
Judy Dykton decided to get some early morning studying done for a neurology exam. She heard a sound like an animal crying outside. Ignoring it, she decided to do some laundry before hitting the books. Once more she heard something. This time she thought it sounded like a child crying out. She pulled open the blinds and saw a woman across the street at 2319, perched on a ledge. Judy pushed open the window and heard Cora's tearful cry. "Oh, my God, they are all dead!"

Ervil LeBaron: Killing for God
He grimaced as he looked down at the body of his pregnant daughter in the trunk of his car. Rebecca's neck was chafed raw from the rope her killers had used to strangle her, and a stream of blood had dripped from her nose onto the mat under her head. He slammed the trunk shut.

The green-and-white Ford LTD was new, and it was the spiffiest car Ervil had ever owned. Not only had his daughter's blood soiled his precious car, it was also an indication of sloppy work by the murderers - whom he'd contracted.

William MacDonald: The Mutilator
The city of Sydney was under siege. A serial killer was on the loose. A homicidal maniac was luring his victims into dark places, violently stabbing them dozens of times about the head with a long-bladed knife and then mutilating their bodies in the most unimaginable ways.

Westley Allan Dodd: Prowling at the Movies
A parent's worst nightmare, this monster carefully planned the execution of little boys, stalked and abducted them and then tortured and murdered them. How do we know? He videotaped it all and kept a detailed journal. Don't miss "Driven to Kill," our excerpt from top-selling author Gary C. King's book that tells this grisly story.

Dodd began sexually abusing children when he was only 13 years old. As grade schoolers passed by his house, he stood in the upstairs bedroom window, naked, hiding his face behind the curtain.

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