Femmes Fatales, Part 1

Claudine Longet
The pretty French songbird and handsome, virile ski star Spider Sabich were a beautiful couple until he was at hot end of a smoking gun and she was at the other. During the funeral, she dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief, and now and then her shoulders convulsed.

On one hand, she had a right to be there. No one doubted that Spider had once been in love with Longet. On the other hand, she was utterly out of place. She was, after all, the woman who killed him.

She said it was an accident. His friends and family were not so sure.

A search for the truth would play out over the ensuing year. Before the last breathless gossip was whispered and the final expose written, the Sabich-Longet affair would develop into one of the decade's most riveting celebrity spectacles.

Candace Mossler
Multimillionaire Jacques Mossler was as ruthless in business as any pirate that ever sailed the seas of commerce. When he turned up brutally murdered, investigators found lots of enemies. He was a corporate repo man. His firms had repossessed thousands of automobiles and appliances over the years and foreclosed on untold numbers of mortgages.

His wife Candace had taken up with her nephew Mel Powers and Mossler knew about it. When tangible and circumstantial evidence implicated the lovers, Candace hired famed hired gun defense attorney Percy Foreman. The trial was an incredible celebrity circus and Percy Foreman was the ringmaster.

Lizzie Borden
This classic has to be one of the most enduring murder mysteries America has ever produced. Elderly Andrew Borden, still in his heavy morning coat, reclines on a mohair-covered sofa, his boots on the floor so as not to soil the upholstery. As he naps, his wife, Abby, is on the floor of the guestroom upstairs, dead for the past hour and a half, killed by the same hand, with the same axe, that is about to strike him, as he sleeps.

The bloodiness of the acts is startling. Along with the gruesome nature of the crimes is the unexpected character of the accused, not a hatchet-wielding maniac, but a church-going, Sunday-school-teaching, respectable, spinster-daughter, charged with parricide, the murder of parents, a crime worthy of Classical Greek tragedy. Many people believed she killed her father and stepmother, but recent forensic research suggests that she didn't.

Diane Zamora
Two sweethearts, Diane Zamora & David Graham, swore their love to each other as they separated to go to different military academies. When Diane found out that David had affair with beautiful Adrianne Jones, she believed that her life was ruined. She screamed at him, "Kill her! Kill her!" In her mind, it was the only way to purify their love.

David agreed, saying, "When this precious relationship we had was damaged by my thoughtless actions, the only thing that could satisfy her womanly vengeance was the life of the one that had, for an instant, taken her place."

It was then that they made plans to kill 16-year-old Adrianne Jones.

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