Dangerous Nuts, Part 1

Ted Kaczynski
A block of wood with nails protruding from it was lying in a parking lot behind the Rentech Computer Store in Sacramento, California. Owner Hugh Scrutton noticed it the kind of thing that could damage tires and went to remove it. An enormous blast echoed throughout the strip mall. Its force was so great it blew off most of his hand, blasted metal fragments into his organs and impaled his heart.

The Unabomber had reached a malicious milestone he had now taken a human life. The bomb itself was a study in cruelty. To make sure it killed or injured as viciously as possible, it was loaded with sharp-edged chunks of metal, nails and splinters.

What could have turned a brilliant professor into terrifying madman called the Unabomber?

Robert & Kristi Goldstein
The would-be terrorist was hunched over at his desk at his Pinellas County condo, carefully reviewing his handwritten notes. The plot he had so carefully constructed was bold, shockingly bold, as all good terror plots must be. The goal was maximum horror and only caution would ensure its success. A secret al-Qaeda cell in a wealthy neighborhood?

Not quite.

Florida doctor and his wife make bombs on the weekend for fun, while building a huge arsenal of explosives, armor-piercing rockets, napalm and other unusual household chemicals. Together with their dentist friend, they planned to blow up a nearby Islamic center.

The Mad Bomber
The mysterious "Mad Bomber" was terrifying the people of New York with the bombs he had been planting for 16 years. The bomber's competence made tracing the devices nearly impossible. The detectives working the case were at their wits end and ready to try anything. The increasingly powerful bombs and his incessant, arrogant letters were a huge embarrassment.

In one of the earliest examples of profiling, a Manhattan criminal psychiatrist named Dr. James Brussel examined the bomber's letters and other forensic material and came up with an astonishing Sherlock Holmes-like description of the criminal which led police to the capture of George Metesky.

Eric Rudolph
Handsome, mysterious and very, very dangerous, the man known as the Olympic Park Bomber was finally caught in N.C. after five years as a fugitive. A rookie cop was responsible for bringing to justice the Most Wanted man who also bombed an abortion clinic and a gay bar.

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