Sleeping With The Enemy, Part 6

Over the Edge
When the truck of wealthy Lake Tahoe couple Peter and Rinette Bergna crashed through a guardrail and down a mountainside, Rinette was killed instantly, while Peter miraculously escaped serious harm. Seemingly broken up over the crash, he claimed it was nothing but a tragic accident. So why did investigators spend two and a half years building a premeditated murder case against him?

The Unicorn Killer
Hippy guru/consultant murders his beautiful girlfriend, Holly Maddux, and flees to France to escape prosecution and potentially the death penalty.

Murder in Old Metairie
Popular New Orleans sportscaster Vince Marinello will go on trial accused of murdering his wife and making it look like a robbery. A deteriorating marriage and the stress of Katrina losses could be motives. More recently his new legal team requests a change of venue, while ATF agents raid and shut down the gun shop where Marinello purchased a weapon.

Family Betrayal
Samson "Sammy" March was not a happy camper on his first day of kindergarten at the University School in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 22, 1996. The other children in his class were predictably nervous and teary-eyed on their first day of school, but Sammy, whose sixth birthday was just days away, was particularly upset because his mother, Janet March, had been gone for a week. Sammy's teacher, Kim Scott, remembered that the little boy was "very sad because he had not seen his mom and he missed her. He did not get to say goodbye to her before she left."

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