Celebrity Crimes, Part 1

Erik Aude
Handsome young actor is busted in Pakistan for allegedly trying to smuggle in dope. His mother gambled everything she had to get him out of the hell-hole Pakistani prison, where, sixty pounds thinner from being eaten by parasites, he had to watch inmates hanged as thousands of spectators cheered and stay one step ahead of the Taliban assassins.

Traci Lords
Her rise from an abused child to the reigning princess of porn was cut short by a crackdown on child porn stars. Undaunted, she re-engineered herself into a successful TV & movie star.

John Holmes
Waist-up, Holmes wasn't much to look at. He was a 6'1" beanpole, but he had 12 inches of hidden charm that was as thick around as a man's wrist -- the kind of dimensions that women fantasize about, but few enjoy.

To understand how the blue film actor wound up at the center of the "Wonderland Murders," a quadruple murder investigation, you must first trace Holmes' meteoric rise to stardom, and his equally impressive fall from it.

Heidi Fleiss
At 27 she was the talk of Hollywood. Some of LA's most beautiful women worked for her high-end prostitution service, specifically catering to the elite. One of the city's most prosperous madams, netting millions in just a couple years, suddenly found her business was under threat.

Now the intrepid Heidi has revealed plans for a stud farm, a brothel with 20 $250/hour male prostitutes that cater to women.

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