Children of Thunder, Part 1

Ervil LeBaron
When the Almighty commanded him to "be fruitful and multiply," Ervil took 13 child brides one who became his pregnant assassin -- and sired over 50 children. When God told Ervil to kill, he did that too. His followers slashed a bloody trail across Mexico and the American Southwest that left 25 to 30 people dead. Even though Ervil is no longer around, his family members are still in hiding and still threatening.

Hulon Mitchell Jr.
Intelligent and educated, the "Black Messiah" styled himself into a religious leader who preached love and black empowerment but his followers practiced murder, intimidation and extortion. Those who joined the Yahweh ben Yahweh cult included fraternity boys, sheriff's deputies, grandmothers and ex-cons fresh out of prison. They allowed Mitchell to control every aspect of their lives, from their diet to their finances to their sexual liaisons.

Children of Thunder
Glenn & Justin Helzer, two "nice" young men and a girlfriend had a twisted scheme to start a group that would spread "joy, peace and love." Instead it was a murderous rampage they believed had God's stamp of approval.

Warren Jeffs
Some 12,000 followers, including his seventy wives and approximately 100 children believe that he is a prophet and an earthly manifestation of God on earth. But Jeffs is a false prophet that led them into a life of tyranny, sexual misconduct, broken families, pedophilia and servitude. Once the government got wind of the incest, arranged marriages of children to older men, child slavery and other bizarre practices, Jeffs went on the lam. Designated as one of the FBI's Most Wanted, he was finally arrested in Nevada in August, 2006.

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