The Death Shift

Dr. Michael Swango
His intercontinental murder spree lasted from 1983 to 1987. Good looking, blonde, blue eyed and affable, openly supportive of his authorities, he was often well liked and appreciated by fellow professionals. He was aware of his charisma and used it to cover his suspicious maneuvers and his chronic lies. The nurses knew he was up to no good dangerous even, but the other doctors paid no attention until the suspicious deaths started piling up. When the FBI finally caught him, he explained how he loved the "sweet, husky, close smell of indoor homicide...[these murders were] the only way I have of reminding myself that Im still alive."

Dr. Harold Shipman
The seemingly pleasant British family doctor may have murdered up to 260 of his patients, making him perhaps the most prolific serial killer in history. Shipman mocked his victims and used derogatory codes for them, such as WOW - Whining Old Woman---and FTPBI - Failed To Put Brain In. He also viewed himself as the "star" of his trial.

Genene Jones
Texas pediatric nurse took over the care of babies and murdered them by injecting one after another. Almost as criminal is how the hospitals and staff ignored the problem until Genene's shift became known as the Death Shift. The mother of the first victim saw Jones kneeling at the foot of her daughters grave, sobbing and wailing the child's name over and over. She rocked back and forth, apparently in deep anguish, as if Chelsea had been her own daughter.

Efren Saldivar
Angel of Death in the garb of a respiratory therapist, he murdered 40-50 patients. There was talk around the hospital about the night shift and the "magic syringe." A few workers had their suspicions. When staff members are alone with patients and no one else is around, they're free to do as they please. Were these "mercy killings" trying to painlessly end the lives of dying patients? No, this was a man who liked to play God and decide when someone should die.

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