Pure Evil, Part 1

Marc Dutroux
After serving 3 years of a 13-year sentence for the rape and abuse of 5 young girls, Belgian justice minister released him and a number of other sex offenders for good behavior.

Two eight-year-old girls, kept in Dutrouxs dungeon starved to death while he was in prison.

Shortly after Dutroux's release from jail, more young girls disappeared around neighborhoods where Dutroux owned houses. Police twice searched his houses, but not well. Hidden in a secret sound-proof dungeon in the basement, two girls yearned for freedom. Vital facts concerning the girls disappearances were kept from other police investigators.

Police ignored a tip that Dutroux offered a man between $3,000 and $5,000 to kidnap young girls, hold them for him in a dungeon and later sell them into prostitution. Dutroux's own mother wrote prosecutors that her son had been keeping young girls in one of his houses. These vital clues about the missing girls were ignored. It would be another year before police would finally pay attention to what the informants had been telling them all along. During that year when nothing was done, other girls disappeared.

Marc Dutroux, a convicted pedophile, murderer and supposed leader of an international child pornography and prostitution ring, gained worldwide attention, not only because of the horrific nature of his crimes, but also the gross negligence and amateurism of police and government officials involved in the investigation. The Dutroux case caused such outrage in Belgium that it prompted one of the largest peacetime demonstrations since World War II and just about brought down the government.

Joseph Edward Duncan lll
Convicted child molester with a history of assaults on children going back to his teenage years, he is nonetheless released on bond when he again molests a youngster. This time, Duncan goes big time. He steals a car, goes to Idaho where stalks an entire family. Then he breaks in, brutally murders the adults and an older child and abducts the two younger children.

When Duncan tires of molesting the abducted boy, he kills him and throws him away. By sheer luck, the abducted girl gets the attention of people in a restaurant who recognize her from Amber Alerts and capture this serial killer and rescue the terrified child.

Richard Ramirez
Known as the Night Stalker, he worships Satan and longs to sit next to him in Hell. His series of horrifying crimes in the suburbs of Los Angeles and San Francisco were meant to show Satan that he is just as evil as Jack the Ripper.

Incredibly, this fiend was the darling of many groupies who found his rebelliousness irresistible. Now on death row in California, he has married one of them.

Jerry Brudos
Sharon Wood, 24, left her secretarial job in Portland and entered the basement level of a parking garage to look for her car when a tall, pudgy man approached her. She later told police that she had sensed someone behind her and had tried to return to an area where she could hear other people. But then someone tapped her shoulder and she turned around. The man was holding a pistol.

In a split second, she decided to fight. She had barely a chance against him, but she believed that if she didn't struggle while someone might still hear her, she'd die that day. Instinct told her that this man had murder on his mind.

Sharon kicked at him with her high-heeled shoes, screamed again and bit him hard. Yet he managed to slam her head on the concrete, dazing her. Fortunately another car came along, and her attacker ran off. She survived, but not long afterward another young woman did not.

Brudos is one of the most shocking serial killers ever and the subject of Ann Rules book The Lust Killer. He abducted, tortured & mutilated young women in his garage, right under the noses of his wife and children. An analysis of the psychological factors that created this monster.

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