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I am a Vampire: 13 Crimes of Bloodlust
Emi Coleman
Emi Coleman
At 10:30 p.m. November 17, 2011, Denver woman Emi Coleman, 30, decided to get a snack at the convenience store. It seems, however, that she may have been a little drunk, and more interested in snacking on the people in the store, than on more typical convenience store offerings. The surveillance video allegedly shows Coleman smiling and laughing, then groping a customer and biting him on the neck. Before disappearing with a man in a dark sedan, she asked store clerk Alice Gonzalez for a hug and bit her on the neck too. Denver police, who said there is no reported vampire activity in the Denver area, appealed to the public for help locating Coleman, because, according to police spokesperson Sonny Jackson, though we make light of it, "the human mouth is a very dirty place and it's dangerous to be bit by someone." Both customer and clerk are none the worse for the attack, despite having a nasty mark on the neck. Coleman faces two counts of third-degree assault and also a charge of unlawful sexual conduct.

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