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An objective look at the unsuccessful FBI investigation of the 2001 anthrax attack.

Norwegians were shaken to the core after Anders Behring Breivik went on a bombing and shooting rampage, leaving 77 of his fellow citizens dead, mostly teens. But he said the killings were necessary to save his homeland from an Islamic invasion.

Trial of Dr. Wouter Basson focuses on alleged attempts to use chemical and biological weapons on African rebels.

A fascinating study of the religious terrorist cult that attracted some of Japan's brightest young people and created a billion dollars in assets, much of which was used to fund development of anthrax and other weapons of mass destruction.

German Marxist terrorists carried on the Japanese Red Army tradition in Western Europe -- spoiled children of prosperity, haunted by their Nazi past.

The 1963 KKK bombing of the Sixteen St. Baptist Church during Sunday service resulted in the deaths of four teenage girls. It altered the course of history and stirred the conscience of a nation.

The premier terrorist of the 1970's and 1980's. Now behind bars, the Jackal will marry -- his lawyer. She shares his taste in love, cigars, and marxism. "He is a very warm man," says she. No matter that he was responsible for 83 killings, bombings, kidnappings and other naughty ventures. New Chapter "Love and Death".

Brilliant and outwardly respectable doctor is discovered to be involved in South African bioterrorism, the attempted murder of his colleague and poisoning of his mistresses with mysterious toxins.

Handsome, mysterious and very, very dangerous, the man known as the Olympic Park Bomber was finally caught in N.C. after five years as a fugitive. A rookie cop was responsible for bringing to justice this Most Wanted man, who also bombed an abortion clinic and a gay bar.

The mastermind behind the Bali terrorist attack that killed so many Australian tourists. He was found in Thailand, planning more deaths.

Hollywood takes on the 1996 Iranian-sponsored terror attacks in The Kingdom. Nineteen American airmen, who were enforcing the no-fly zone over southern Iraq, were killed in a Saudi Arabian housing complex when a truck bomb exploded. While the FBI under Louis Freeh was very aggressive in pursuing the investigation, meddling from the highest level in the White House prevented a timely prosecution one that prevented bringing the Iranian Hizballah terrorists to justice.

Confesses in court that he murdered Theo Van Gogh, controversial Dutch film maker who made film portraying abused Muslim women, for religious convictions. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole and faces new charges.

The mysterious "Mad Bomber" was terrifying the people of New York with the bombs he had been planting for 16 years. The bomber's competence made tracing the devices nearly impossible. The detectives working the case were at their wits end and ready to try anything. The increasingly powerful bombs and his incessant, arrogant letters were a huge embarrassment.

In one of the earliest examples of profiling, a Manhattan criminal psychiatrist named Dr. James Brussel examined the bomber's letters and other forensic material and came up with an astonishing Sherlock Holmes-like description of the criminal which led police to the capture of George Metesky.

Bloodstain analysis from the video of his murder shows forensic irregularities that my cast doubts on events.

The man who has declared a holy war against any nation, specifically America, he deemed to be a threat to the nation of Islam. At one time the most wanted man in the world, he evaded capture promising to fight to the death for his ideology. Updated to include the final raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Teenagers and women are now being recruited to murder Israelis. What motivates the culture and the bomber to embrace this kind of terrorism?

Impressionable young newspaper heiress robs banks with Kathleen Soliah and the Symbionese Liberation Army who kidnapped her.

More like the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight, the flaky Quebec terrorists kidnapped 2 people. Now they live happily ever after in respectable positions.

A block of wood with nails protruding from it was lying in a parking lot behind the Rentech Computer Store in Sacramento, California. Owner Hugh Scrutton noticed it — the kind of thing that could damage tires — and went to remove it. An enormous blast echoed throughout the strip mall. Its force was so great it blew off most of his hand, blasted metal fragments into his organs and impaled his heart.

The Unabomber had reached a malicious milestone — he had now taken a human life.

The bomb itself was a study in cruelty. To make sure it killed or injured as viciously as possible, it was loaded with sharp-edged chunks of metal, nails and splinters.

What could have turned a brilliant professor into terrifying madman called the Unabomber?

Mohammed Bouyeri confesses in court that he murdered Theo Van Gogh, controversial Dutch film maker who made film portraying abused Muslim women, for religious convictions. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole and faces new charges.

The men responsible for one of the most shocking terrorist attacks within America - the Oklahoma City bombing. Update of the Nichols' trial.

One of the first terrorist cases in the U.S. dealt with the poisoning of medicines. Tremendous investigative efforts and preventive techniques did not completely stop copycats from continuing the initial reign of terror.

Two 1980's homegrown American terrorist groups, one white and one black, join their brutal forces to fund their anti-American causes with the Brink's robbery and cold-blooded murder of New York cops.

Underplayed by the media, these amazing men and women gave everything they had — 37 lives, more than any police department has ever lost in a single event. This is a wonderful story of unparalleled bravery and uplifting determination to survive.

An elite corps of young Black Muslims set out to exterminate the white people of San Francisco, so called "blue eyed devils," to earn themselves a special place in heaven.

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