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A chilling look at the psychopath with an over-inflated ego whose bullet assassinated President James A. Garfield

The assassin who murdered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was embroiled in a long-term controversy about whether he was acting solely on his own racist hatred or was a part of a larger conspiracy.

A thorough investigation into the many theories of who was behind this assassination.

Mentally impaired young man who is obsessed with actress Jodie Foster shoots President Ronald Reagan and three others to impress her. Impressed she was, but not favorably, when she testified at his very controversial trial. The verdict was the catalyst for major changes in the Insanity Defense.

The theatrical assassin of President Lincoln.

1978 assassination attempt on Hustler magazine publisher leaves him in chronic excruciating pain, but does not dampen his enthusiasm for outrageous court fights in the name of defending the First Amendment.

He knew he was a marked man after the split with Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Passage of time has not lessened the controversy over who was really behind his assassination. A close look at the theories, plots and facts.

The assassin who snuffed out the life of John Lennon and ended an era. Updated chapters.

Was he poisoned or did he die of stomach cancer? The controversy lives on. Dr. Russell Aiuto looks at the evidence and who may have been the murderer.

A strong candidate for president, he is murdered by a nobody. But who was pulling the strings?

Mohammed Bouyeri confesses in court that he murdered Theo Van Gogh, controversial Dutch film maker who made film portraying abused Muslim women, for religious convictions. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole and faces new charges.

Politics hasn't changed a bit since this corrupt, philandering president served in the early 1920s. Was he murdered for it?

Anarchist Leon Czolgosz shoots a beloved President William McKinley at the fabulous Pan American Exposition of 1901 and changes the course of American history.

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