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Al Capone

The full, unvarnished story of the brilliant and brutal Chicago crime czar. Most people don't realize that if Capone's father hadn't died when he did, Al would not have gone into a life of crime, but would probably have stayed a bookkeeper in a legitimate Baltimore construction company. Capone's father, a respectable Italian immigrant, who worked hard to own his own business, would never have permitted his son to become a gangster.

Being of Neopolitan rather than Sicilian heritage, Capone could never be part of the Mafia. Also, he married a middle-class Irish-American girl. These two factors gave him an independence from the New York Mafia. What better place for an entrepreneurial gangster to get started than the wild and wooly Chicago in the 1920s.

Capone's older brother James was a strong-minded and independent boy who wanted to escape the crowded city and go west where the prospects were better. Strong and muscular, anxious for adventure and wide open spaces, he joined the circus and traveled all over the Midwest. For the first time, he was exposed to American Indians and became fascinated with their culture.

He had changed his name to Richard Hart to fit the Anglo culture of the West and joined the federal Prohibition agency as enforcer on Indian reservations. Known as "Two-Gun Hart," he served as a body guard for President Calvin Coolidge.

The Francis Ford Coppola film series is a masterpiece taken from stories of real life gangsters but softened to show the Mafia as "men of honor" rather than cut-throat thugs.

The Lucchese Crime Family

Learn why their members have inspired some of the most notable mob characters on film & TV, including Goodfellas & the Sopranos.

The Lion and the Fox. The story of the notorious Gambino Crime Family.

Anthony Bruno, author of Seven, the novel of the runaway hit movie with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow, climbs inside the powerful and far reaching Japanese and Korean criminal enterprise known as the Yakuza. While their tentacles reach into every aspect of crime, they are particularly known for enslaving young Chinese and Philippine girls into a life of prostitution.

The twisted tale of how a group of middle-class friends in Southern California fell under the spell of a charismatic and disturbed leader with the improbable name of a wild west outlaw. The young men's actions would lead to the murder of a child, Nick Markowitz, leave a community reeling from grief and shock, and spawn a four-year international manhunt.

The man and the legend.

These killing cousins raped, thieved and their way around frontier-era Tennessee and Kentucky with astonishing cruelty, cutting the throats of babies, bashing in the heads of children, killing more for pleasure than plunder.

Assange, founder of, has proven to be at least as controversial as his site. While defending WikiLeaks from embarrassed governments, Assange is also defending himself against allegations of sex crimes in Sweden.

Quite by accident, federal agents learned of his terabytes of electronic files was Pellicano's work as Hollywood's wiretapper to the stars, illegally intercepted telephone conversations of the rich and famous. Some of these wiretaps were ordered by powerful attorneys and executives seeking an unfair advantage in legal disputes. Some of the intercepted conversations concerned personal matters, like divorce and child custody disputes. Much of it was business as usual, Hollywood-style. All of it was obtained illegally.

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