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Pretty But Deadly
Mindy Sanghera
Mindy Sanghera
An academically gifted and beautiful Sikh living in Manchester, England, 23-year-old Harmohinder "Mindy" Sanghera seemingly had it all, including a successful businessman boyfriend named Sair Ali. Trouble was, Sair, 25, was Muslim -- and married to his 17-year-old cousin. Mindy didn't know that her lover had secretly gone through with an arranged marriage to Sana Ali, to whom he had been betrothed since she was nine. Mindy, convinced she and Sair had a future together, toyed with converting to Islam to please him, knowing his family wouldn't accept a Sikh. He continued seeing her despite being married, and despite the fact that his shy and devoutly religious teenage wife was pregnant.

As the possibility of the life she'd imagined with Sair grew less likely by the day, Mindy's obsession with him began to take hold. Hatred for Sana festered inside her, until finally, on May 10, 2007, she waited until Sair was at Mosque, entered the couple's home, and stabbed the 11-weeks-pregnant Sana 42 times with a kitchen knife. After the murder, Mindy called Sair like she did every evening. At trial, she claimed it was him who killed Sana.

On November 29, 2007, a week after Sana's baby boy would have been born, Mindy Sanghera was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 14 years.
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