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Most Outrageous Bestiality Cases
Police investigating Chandler, Arizona, man Christopher Jackson (left), 47, for allegedly searing his initials "CJ" into his passed-out girlfriend's vaginal area with a brand and a butane torch, found something really stomach turning in his home. They found homemade pornographic videos of Jackson, his girlfriend Josephine Erikson (center), 61, and Mary Kanitz (right) engaged in sex with Jackson's male German shepherd. According to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, "If you saw the video, you'd be pretty sick. We weren't expecting this."

Jackson had been in custody since September 3, 2013, on charges of aggravated assault with serious physical injury. After the find, bestiality charges were added to the charges against him. Police arrested the girlfriend for bestiality and later, on September 18, they arrested Kanitz at her place of employment.

All three have been indicted for knowingly engaging in oral sex, sexual contact and sexual intercourse with a dog.
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