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Joe Banana's criminal empire was brought down by drugs and infiltration by federal agents.

New Orleans gangster linked to the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy

Will the wounds of the Colombo War ever really heal?

A new colorful story of the violent glory days of The Mad Hatter, The Godfather, and the Teflon Don.

The Francis Ford Coppola film series is a masterpiece taken from stories of real life gangsters but softened to show the Mafia as "men of honor" rather than cut-throat thugs.

The story of the masterminds that made this crime family the largest and most influential.

Britain's most notorious gangster brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray, includes the final updated chapter

Learn why their members have inspired some of the most notable mob characters on film & TV, including Goodfellas & the Sopranos.

The story of the colorful Sopranos-like gangsters who ran the Rhode Island Mafia.

The five major gangs that dominated the city during the Prohibition Era metamorphosed into one crime organization in modern times. Author Allan May traces the history of this Midwestern mob family.

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