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Theo Van Gogh

Mohammed Bouyeri confesses in court that he murdered Theo Van Gogh, controversial Dutch film maker who made film portraying abused Muslim women, for religious convictions. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole and faces new charges.

The mastermind behind the Bali terrorist attack that killed so many Australian tourists. He was found in Thailand, planning more deaths.

Robert Hanssen

Respected FBI agent, family man and staunch Catholic conservative leads a double life spying for the Russians, hanging around strip clubs and surfing Internet porn sites. Adrian Havill, author of The Spy Who Stayed Out in the Cold: The Secret Life of Robert Hanssen, tells the inside story of the real man and how the FBI trapped him.

The American traitor once said the best way to hide a lie is by wrapping it in layers of truth. It's a trick that not only serves spies, but also clever Hollywood scriptwriters. Such is the case with The Good Shepherd, a cloak-and-dagger thriller that purports to tell the story of the Central Intelligence Agency's early days as seen through the eyes and career of Edward Wilson, the movie's main character. Played by Matt Damon, Wilson is patterned after the legendary spy-catcher, James Jesus Angleton.

A strong candidate for president, he is murdered by a nobody. But who was pulling the strings?

Underplayed by the media, the amazing men and women of the Port Authority Police gave everything they had 37 lives, more than any police department has ever lost in a single event. This is a wonderful story of unparalleled bravery and uplifting determination to survive.

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