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A Macabre Nightmare at a French Chateau

In Wait of the Dark Truth

French authorities expect Mr. Hall's trial for aggravated murder to begin in the coming months, during which it is likely that details of Mr. Hall's financial affairs and state of mind when he allegedly killed his wife and burned and entombed her remains will be revealed. The British police might also be involved, Mr. Sourdin said, although no official announcement whether or not he would be charged in Britain for any crime was made. Meanwhile, the French gendarmes and investigators remain hostile to any questions or inferences when contacted. "I don't believe anybody in your country will talk to you about an ongoing investigation, so how do you expect us to?" a local official investigating the case told truTV.

During the trial, following French procedure, Mr. Hall will likely testify in court about what happened and why he did what he did. Unlike the United States, the process will certainly not be televised. In the meantime, Mr. Hall sits in a jail cell under a suicide watch.


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