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Accused ‘Slender Man’ stabber ruled incompetent to stand trial

On May 31, 2014, two tweens from  Waukesha, Wisconsin, allegedly tried to kill one of their classmates as a sacrifice to an imaginary Internet boogie man called Slender Man. The victim, who is also 12, was stabbed 19 times, and only narrowly survived. She told investigators that her friends Morgan Geiser and Anissa Weier had stabbed [...]

Waukesha case offically gets weird as ‘Slender Man’ tweets to stabbers

As police release the 911 call in the Slender Man Stabbing, Slender Man has a few words of his own about the attempted murder of a 12-year-old by her classmates: “You are of no use to me if it takes 19+ stab wounds and your victim STILL survives.. useless children.” It gets worse from there.

Child’s birthday party culminates in attempted murder

For her birthday, every year, Morgan, 12, is allowed to have two friends over for a sleepover. This year, she allegedly suggested to her friend that they use the event as cover to kill a third little girl from their class. The motive? Allegedly, to ingratiate themselves with anti-hero Slenderman from, and ascend to his level.

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