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Eggnog explosion in New jersey injures two

Reports are still sketchy at this point, but it seems that two employees were working on a new recipe for eggnog, when the vat of combined eggnog flavorings exploded causing a blast that could be felt for at least a mile in every direction.

Charles Cullen: The nurse of death

A male nurse, Charles Cullen, relieved the tension caused by domestic failure, depression, alcohol abuse and chronic debt by killing his patients. He confessed to murdering 35 patients, but the number may be closer to 40.

Joseph Kallinger: The enigmatic cobbler

In 1975 Joseph Kalinger, a middle-aged shoe maker, and his son, 13, began a six-week multi-state spree of murder, robbery and rape. In home-invasion style attacks the two torturedand sexually abused four families, and slit a woman’s throat. Once in custody, Kalinger insist that he was crazy.

Man collared for riding child’s trike in the nude

When they found him he was chewing glass. He admitted to smoking cocaine — go figure.

Guy shows up to court carrying 43 bags of heroin

People have been known to react strangely to the fact having to make a court appearance. In November a woman running late called in a bomb threat to the courthouse, in December a man stole a truck to get to court, and this week a New Jersey man allegedly brought his illicit business with him.

Police search for driver who ‘chomped’ off woman’s finger over parking spot

Police in Cherrydale, New Jersey, have released the photo of a woman accused of getting a bit too physical in a confrontation Saturday over a parking spot. She is accused not only of assaulting her victim, but of biting her victim’s finger off. If you see the suspect, be sure to keep your extremities clear.

Watch: NJ cop takes a moment to play catch with neighborhood kids

In January a Texas police officer was filmed on his cruiser’s dash cam taking a moment to play catch with a young neighborhood boy who was outside playing alone. Today, a video has surfaced of a New Jersey cop who also took a moment recently to play catch with a group of neighborhood boys. Is it s trend? We hope so.

Gov. Christie security officer picked up for shoplifting gun accessories

New Jersey State Trooper William Carvounis, 35, of North Brunswick was shopping at a Cabela’s hunting store in Pennsylvania when he was spotted by the store’s security placing items in his cargo pants. Carvounis paid for some things at a checkout, but didn’t pay forĀ $267.38 of items including a gun magazine, a pistol grip and [...]

Arrested for DUI, woman calls drunk friends for ride, gets them arrested too

When you are collared for driving under the influence, and you need a ride home, it should be obvious that you need a sober person to come and get you. Conversely, when you drive to a police station for any reason at all, you should be sober. With that in mind, this case shows how “the obvious” often slips by people when they are drunk.

Jersey strip bar Xmas shooting leaves three dead

A popular strip club in New Jersey was the scene of a Christmas morning horror when a gunman started firing into the crowd killing three people

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