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The Oklahoma City cathouse murders

Cathouse star Brooke Phillips was brutally killed with five others. She may not have been the target, but who was and why?

Slideshow: Fire starters

Some people are fascinated with fire, others believe it will destroy the evidence of their crimes, still others use fire as a simple and direct way to express rage. A look in photos at some notable cases of attacks with fire, many of them fatal.

Woman nearly burns down house killing spider

It it okay to go nuclear on an unwanted spider? Fire department officials in Hutchinson, Kansas, say: it’s not okay. Reno County woman Ginny Griffith is facing aggravated arson charges after five units responded to a 1:36 a.m. call Friday about a fire in a her duplex unit. When they got there, they realized that Griffith [...]

Prosecutor: Wife set disabled husband on fire, let him burn

An Australian woman is currently on trial for the brutal murder of her handicapped husband. Prosecutors allege that the couple was having serious problems, and that one morning she doused him with gasoline and set him on fire as he lay helpless in his bed — problems solved.

Alleged arsonist was asked not to masturbate in open windows

Florida man Kenneth Haskins, 58, allegedly has developed a habit of pleasuring himself where he can be seen in public. Recently, he reportedly got a request from the management company of the apartment building where he has lived for the last ten years asking that he refrain from masturbating in open windows and doors for all to see.

Boy thought to have died in fire was actually drowned, say police

What at first appeared to have been a tragic accident is a case of murder, according to authorities in Colorado Springs.

Oklahoma man ‘going ballistic’ in apartment blames gay demon sex

Jeremy Jarnell Anderson, 22, is in jail after police received a call about a “person going ballistic.” Specifically, the caller described a man with a bloody face, kicking a heavy door off its hinges, dousing himself with salt and soap and breaking stuff. The man, however, blames a homosexual demon for his outburst.

Recovering From Burns, Arsonist’s Wife Charged With Stealing From Fellow Patients

A woman who narrowly survived a fire set by her husband is now accused of stealing items at the nursing home where she is recovering. The fire killed her three young sons and unborn baby and left her severely and permanently injured.

Man Set on Fire Christmas Day

Police are searching for answers in the arson attack on a Miami, Fla., man December 25, 2012. Darrell Brackett, 44, who was reportedly filling a gas can Christmas night when he was attacked and set on fire, remains in critical condition with third-degree burns to 75% of his body.

Unsolved Murder Spotlight: Esmeralda Herrera

In early March, 2011, 30-year-old Esmeralda Herrera was found dead in her San Antonio home. Her second story apartment was on fire, and fire investigators called the blaze suspicious. Authorities told relatives, who called the deceased woman Emmy, that she’d been tied up. An affidavit stated that Herrera was dead before the fire started; ligature marks were found on her neck and wrists.

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