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Mark Becker

Arrested at his parents' home

A 911 caller gave police the Lumina's license plate, and DMV records showed it belonged to Dave Becker. Butler County Sheriff Jason Johnson, who had helped arrest Becker a few days earlier, knew exactly where to go.

Mark Becker
Mark Becker

When Johnson pulled onto the Becker's blacktop, he saw the blue Lumina had pulled in behind him. Becker had rolled down his window and was holding the gun out in a non-threatening manner—not pointed at Johnson. The lawman ordered Becker to drop the gun; Becker complied, then got out of his car and lay down on the ground. As Johnson and another deputy handcuffed the suspect, Becker told them "Ed is done, I am done with Ed." When Johnson told the deputy to photograph Becker's blood-stained boots, Becker told them "I stomped him for you cops."

As is typical when a major crime occurs in a small Iowa town, local authorities called in the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Special Agent Chris Callaway sat down with Mark Becker and spoke with him for about an hour.


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