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Mark Becker

Gunshots at point-blank range

Ed Thomas
Ed Thomas

Mark Becker shot Ed Thomas in the head. Thomas fell to the ground immediately. Becker pulled the trigger again and again even when the firing pin started to click harmlessly. Coach Thomas was struck by 3 shots directly to the head. Becker also shot Thomas in the chest, and in the knee so — he later told police — the older man couldn't run away. The coroner would find a bullet had gone straight through Thomas' hand leaving a defensive wound. It was determined that Thomas had been shot 6 or 7 times.

As the students shrieked and ran out, Becker began kicking and stomping Thomas' body, screaming profanities at him.

Becker then walked back out to his car and was seen stomping around in circles before getting into his car and driving away. Sarah Dunegan, who was just arriving to work out when the shooting occurred, said she heard Becker yelling "Thomas isn't God, he's Satan. Get his carcass." In his own interview with police later that day, Mark Becker said he yelled to some arriving girls, "Be free. Everyone from this day on be free. He's done. It's done."


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