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Mark Becker


Judge Carroll set the sentencing of Mark Becker for April 14, 2010, but the judge had no discretion — first degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole. After denying a defense motion for a new trial, Carroll imposed the life sentence along with a series of fines: $150,000 to Ed Thomas' estate, $16,600 in lawyer fees and $53,000 for expert psychiatric witnesses.

Ed Thomas' family gave emotional victim impact statements. "Every day as you live in jail, I want you to reflect on what you stole from us," Todd Thomas said. "No one else, like a coward, murdered my father on June 24 in front of over 20 innocent kids."

Todd's brother Aaron added: "It's too bad you made the choices you made... Your worst punishment is still to come when your time on Earth is over and you have to answer to God for the murder of my father."


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