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Death of a Beauty King

Murder for Hire

During questioning, Boyd revealed all to detectives, reporting that in the spring of 1979, at a time he was struggling with depression and alcohol, he was approached by Fred Milo. Fred allegedly asked Boyd to murder his brother, something Boyd was uncomfortable doing himself. Instead, Boyd tried to enlist King to hire someone to commit the crime, but she too was unable to find anyone to carry out the murderous plot.

Tony Ridle
Tony Ridle

Frustrated by Boyd's failed attempts to have his brother murdered, Fred turned to a former disgruntled employee named Tony Ridle who had it out for Dean Milo and was known to have ties to the criminal underworld. Detectives interviewed Ridle and tried to pry information from him concerning the murder, but he refused to talk. However, he wouldn't stay quiet long.

During questioning, Ridle overheard detectives talking about a man named Harry. Ridle didn't realize that they were discussing a fellow cop. Instead, he "assumed they were talking about his gangster associate Harry Knott," a vending machine operator with criminal connections who had led Ridle to the trigger man in the murder for hire plot, Dunne reported. Fearing exposure, Ridle confessed his involvement in Dean's murder, naming Fred as the main culprit. He also implicated a man named Ray Sesic, an employee at Capital Beauty Supply, who he claimed served as a go-between between him and Fred.

Sesic was arrested in connection with the murder, as was Fred Milo in December 1980. According to Dear, Fred was so panicked at having been caught that he urinated in his pants, Dunne reported. Yet, even though detectives had a mountain of evidence implicating Fred, most of it was circumstantial. They realized that the only way to get a conviction was to find the trigger man, a task they immediately set about conquering.

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