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Death of a Beauty King

Unusual Finds

During the investigation into Dean's murder, the police discovered several pieces of evidence that led them to believe that Dean's death was not part of an attempted burglary. Examination of the house revealed that nothing of any significant value had been taken, neither money nor jewelry. Moreover, police found that Dean had been shot not once but twice, in the head and back of the neck.

Telegram, similar
Telegram, similar

Then investigators made a more unusual find, Dominick Dunne reported in his Court TV series Power, Privilege and Justice. In addition to the fact that Dean's shorts were on backwards, he was also found to have had small pieces of cotton in his mouth, and more scattered on the floor around him. Other strange clues were found as well, including a blank telegram found near Dean's body and a piece of tissue paper with traces of semen on it that had been crumpled up and tossed among clothes on the floor of Dean's upstairs bedroom. In his bedroom closet, investigators found a stash of pornography believed to be Dean's, some of which was edited for a gay male readership, an unexpected find since Dean had been married and was believed to have been exclusively heterosexual.

Despite the available evidence, there was just not enough of it to point to any one suspect. Investigators worked diligently and pursued the tips that came in, but as time passed the case began to grow cold. Investigators wondered if they would ever find the person or persons who murdered Dean.

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