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Death of a Beauty King

In a Pool of Blood

On August 11, 1980, Georgia Tsarnas parked her station wagon in the driveway of millionaire cosmetic mogul Constantine Dean Milo's home in Bath, Ohio. She left her three children in the car, ventured to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell. No one answered, which struck her as unusual since Milo's car was parked in the garage.

Map of Akron area with Bath, OH locator
Map of Akron area with Bath, OH locator

Georgia opened the door using the house key given to her by Milo's wife prior to her departure with the couple's children to visit family in Florida. Opening the door, Georgia made a horrific discovery. Sprawled out before her on the floor of the foyer was the body of a man lying face down in a pool of blood. The lifeless figure, wearing a pair of white jockey shorts that were on backwards, had a yellow foam cushion on top of his head pierced by a single bullet hole. Upon closer examination she realized the body, that of Dean Milo, was dead.

Crime scene reenactment
Crime scene reenactment

Georgia went to the kitchen and called her husband George, Dean's attorney, and told him of her gruesome discovery. George told his shocked wife to immediately call the Bath Township Police Department, which she did. Following the call, she gathered her composure and went outside to the car full of waiting children. She told them to "remain in the car...because Uncle Dean was very sick," Dan E. Moldea wrote in his book The Hunting of Cain: A True Story of Money, Greed and Fratricide.

A police investigation revealed that Dean had numerous enemies who might have wanted him dead. Surprisingly, several of them were members of his family. A lengthy and complicated investigation would eventually yield the true culprit, exposing scandalous secrets that would rock Bath Township and be the talk of the town for years to follow.


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