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Bradley Manning: WikiLeaker, Part 1

Trouble at Home


When he returned to Oklahoma after high school in 2005, he moved back in with his father, by then remarried. Manning and his stepbrother and stepmother didn't get along, a fact later highlighted by the Frontline report of a 911 call from Manning's stepmother.

Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning

In March 2006, tensions were running high in the Manning household. Bradley's expenses were mostly taken care of by his father, including car insurance and food and drink, but Manning would still disobey the house rules, bringing soda and food into his bedroom, instead of eating at the table. And he smoked, which his stepmother opposed, because her father had died from emphysema.

Bradley's father told Frontline that the 911 call was the result of a fight that escalated from a discussion of those rules.

Tempers flared, and Manning had thrown some cans in the argument. His father was recovering from surgery and wasn't as agile as he normally was. Bradley's stepmother had felt vulnerable, and she called police.

Though Bradley left with the police, no charges were filed. The next day, he moved out.


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