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Bradley Manning: WikiLeaker, Part 1

Out in the Military


Manning was rather unguarded about his homosexuality in the Army, often mentioning his boyfriend on his Facebook page. His Facebook page included Glee, Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and The Rachel Maddow Show as things he liked. Among the revelations from Manning's chat logs was the additional datum that Manning allegedly copied the top secret info while singing along to Lady Gaga.

Adrien Lamo
Adrien Lamo

After Manning's arrest and identity were revealed to the press, there was speculation whether Bradley Manning was gay or transgendered, sparked by his outreach to Adrian Lamo, who is openly bisexual. staff writer Adrian Chen wrote: "We've found evidence that strongly suggests Manning has some sort of LGBT identity, and that the man who snitched on him exploited this to win his trust."

Chen reported that Lamo had told, "that Manning found him by doing a Twitter search for "WikiLeaks," and that he doesn't know what motivated his confession." Perhaps, Chen wrote, the two men's shared sexual nonconformity increased Manning's comfort and willingness to disclose information to the infamous hacker.

In the first of the chats, Manning indicates that trouble is brewing in the Army.

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