PAUL BERNARDO & KARLA HOMOLKA - In-depth feature story on the notorious Canadian serial killer team known as the "Ken and Barbie of Murder and Mayhem." After a highly controversial "Deal with the Devil," the Canadian government was forced to set Karla free. The Canadian government and people are now on a "Karla Watch" to see if she will try to make a quiet life for herself or kill again. A new film exploits her role in the torture and murder of school girls.


No charges imminent in Bernardo confessions
Months-old jailhouse confessions by convicted sex killer Paul Bernardo have been examined and no fresh charges are imminent
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Karla Homolka Restrictions Lifted
A judge lifted all restrictions against Karla Homolda who served 12 years in prison for her role in the rape and murder of three teenagers
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Homolka Didn't Violate Parole
Schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka did not violate her release conditions this summer and will not face any additional criminal charges, Quebec justice officials said
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Quebec police to report on Homolka investigation
Detectives have completed their investigation into whether Karla Homolka, jailed for the killings of two Ontario schoolgirls, broke her prison release conditions, and will submit their report to the Crown
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Victims' Parents to Speak at Karla's Appeal
The parents of two teenagers killed by Karla Homolka and her ex-husband will be allowed to address the court when Canada's most notorious ex-inmate appeals the conditions of her release as unconstitutional
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Families Eye Karla Appeal Bid
The parents of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy filed a legal bid for intervener status at Homolka's upcoming appeal of conditions imposed upon her after her July 5 prison release
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Cops Hear Karla
Quebec provincial police have turned over secretly recorded audio tapes of Karla Homolka made by her employer to a local police force for investigation
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Police given secret recordings
The strange story of a suburban Quebec hardware store owner and ex-boss to Canada's most notorious female convict took another twist yesterday, after he turned over to police what he says are secretly recorded conversations with Karla Homolka
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Psychological Profile
A psychological profile of Karla Homolka.
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Media Bias?
Did the Toronto Sun overdo Homolka?
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An Exclusive review of Karla, the contentious film
Not many films have created as much of a furor in Canada as Karla. Nice, polite Canadians reacted with abject horror when it was announced last year that a Los Angeles-based film company had a movie about Karla Homolka in the works.
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The Karla Homolka Movie
The latest on this controversial film.
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Notorious Canadian Prisoner to Be Freed
The most reviled woman in Canada is set to walk out of prison Monday, facing death threats and rage from a public still bitter that she only served 12 years for the rapes and murders of teenage girls, including her younger sister
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Book Reviews
Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka book reviews.
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