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Haunted Crime Scenes: The Murder of Samuel T. Baker

A Gruesome Discovery

At the Savannah police barracks, the desk sergeant listened to the three excited boys tell their story. They'd stumbled across a severely injured man lying in the cemetery, they said. He was bleeding and moaning incoherently.

Sign: Police Barracks
Sign: Police Barracks

The desk sergeant dispatched two of his men, Officers Dwyer and Farrell, to investigate.

The boys led the two policemen into the cemetery and to the injured man they had discovered. In the dim glow of a portable lamp, the two officers did indeed see that the man lying on the ground was badly injured. His eyes were black and swollen. He was bleeding from a head wound. His speech was slurred and barely decipherable. All was just as the boys had reported to the desk sergeant. After a quick glance around, the policemen discover something elsea whiskey bottle lying broken on the ground. To the veteran policemen, the injured man's clothes reeked of liquor.

Samuel Baker was too badly hurt to explain himself, so the two policemen dragged him to his feet and arrested him for public intoxication. They hauled Samuel back across the cemetery to East Oglethorpe and tossed him into a cell at the police barracks.

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