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Haunted Crime Scenes: The Murder of Samuel T. Baker

Samuel Baker Returns

According to local Savannah historian David Rousseau, "In the fall of 2005, a young college student named Maggie was sitting on the park bench on the southern side of the cemetery. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a tall man wearing a dark suit. She looked up from her reading, and the man's features were revealed: dark hair, handlebar moustache and blood running down one side of his face. Just as soon as the man appeared to her, he vanished right before her eyes. She didn't know it then, but her description matched that of Samuel T. Baker, right down to the wound on his head. Oddly enough, Maggie had never heard of this unsolved murder, or of Mr. Baker. To her, it was just another day in Savannah."

Colonial Park Cemetery
Colonial Park Cemetery

So it appears that the spirit of Samuel T. Baker, not only brutally murdered but disrespected in his treatment by the police, cannot rest in peace. His appearance with bloodied face in the very place he was attacked suggests that his spirit wants to dramatize this unsolved crime, perhaps with the hope that it will not be lost in history as it nearly had been.

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