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Kaushal Niroula and The Gay Grifters

Slot-Machine Jackpot

Las Vegas slot-machine-industry executive Tyson Wrensch alleged that Daniel Garcia stole his identity and several thousand dollars.

In 2007, Wrensch took a long-awaited trip to South America. He lent his friend Garcia his house. But Garcia, he says, emptied his bank accounts—and that's just one of the allegations and recriminations the men have been flinging at each other.

Wrensch has been warning friends and acquaintances not to trust Garcia and Niroula.

Garcia blames Niroula. Niroula, for his part, said in an instant-message conversation with Wrensch that he could have his associates kill Garcia.

And then, if investigators are right, the story does take a bloody turn. The boys duplicated the Thomas White and Gary Heidenreich incidents, preying on an older wealthy man. But this time they upped the stakes.

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