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Kaushal Niroula and The Gay Grifters

Sex Crime Or Sex Scam?

David Replogle
David Replogle
The gay gang's nefarious activities reach back to 2002. Kaushal Niroula had just landed at New College of California, but David Replogle and Daniel Garcia were busy with a lawsuit that sought $100 million from Thomas White.

Replogle, 60, was the lead attorney in the case. Daniel Garcia was one of the plaintiffs. Garcia claimed that gay San Francisco stockbroker and philanthropist Thomas White had abused him when he was a teenager. The pair alleged that White also had sex with a number of underage Mexican boys whom he flew to his Bay Area mansion. In March 2004, a federal grand jury indicted White on two counts of sex tourism and one count of pornography.

Replogle got Garcia and the other young men $7 million in a civil settlement.

White is now in jail in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he's serving a sentence after being extradited from that other sex-tourism hotspot, Thailand.

White has since contended that Replogle's case was fraudulent. Not only does White claim that Garcia stole money from his bank account (backed up by Tyson Wrensch, a slot machine company executive who said he'd seen Garcia use an ATM card in White's name to withdraw amounts as large as $1,500), he alleges that on a 2002 trip to Mexico, Replogle and Garcia actually recruited the supposedly victimized young men to serve as plaintiffs, paying them generously for their time.

Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia
When Replogle and Garcia had a falling-out, Garcia told reporters that in fact they had told a few Mexican youths that they would pay them if they'd swear they'd had sex with a man in a photograph—Thomas White. Garcia said that the boys' friends soon swarmed in for the same deal. Patricia de Larios, a private investigator White hired, insists that Garcia admitted that Replogle may have been paying of as many as 30 boys over the past six years, because they threatened to change their story and retract testimony against White if they didn't get more money.

Garcia seems to have had another change of heart regarding his former associate: Garcia and Kaushal Niroula would later talk about a plan to spring White from the Mexican jail to which his alleged sex-tourism had led him.

In 2008, a San Francisco court judge denied White's appeal of the verdict, but what's happened since may call everything into question once again. In Palm Springs a few years later, Garcia, Replogle, Niroula and two other men would be accused of trying to get yet another older man's money.

First, there were a few other scams.

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