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The Crystal Todd Murder Case


The Sun News reported on January 29, 1992, that when taken back to the county's homicide office, Tyndall noticed a wall that displayed a map with his and Todd's names and photos. Some of the photographs showed him walking into the place where he worked. Detectives questioned him about Crystal Todd. Tyndall told them he was innocent and did not know her. He said that SLED agents told him, "You're no good. We're going to put you on death row. The solicitor's over there right now, getting ready to charge you."

The questioning went on for five hours. Tyndall said the worst part was being shown photos of Crystal Todd's body. "It's something I didn't want to see. She was just cut all up.  I would turn my head. They said, 'You did this, you rapist, you murderer. Look at what you did.' They did that over and over and over again.  They were trying to break me down and force something out of me. It's not fair," Tyndall said he told them. "Take my blood and leave me alone."

Blood samples were taken from Tyndall for testing. That evening, Andrew Tyndall spent the night in the Myrtle Beach jail. The next day a circuit court judge set a $100,000 bond for the fugitive charge. 

The police got the DNA test results on Monday. Tyndall had the same blood type as the killer, type O, but the DNA testing ruled him out as a match. Chief Harris told reporters that SLED agents and his officers acted properly in questioning Tyndall.

"The officers acted professionally and I stand by what they did," Harris told The Sun News. "I'm not going to get into a debate over our procedures and tactics. Nobody threatened him. Nobody shouted and hollered." Harris went on to say that the elimination of Tyndall as a suspect did not mean the killer's trail was cold. "We've still got a lot of people out there we have not eliminated. We're not anywhere near a dead end. We just got around to concentrating on him last week. He just came up on leads that we developed. We've got some behind him that I liked better than him. I'm just as optimistic as I was before Tyndall came up. I really was never optimistic about him."


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