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The Crystal Todd Murder Case

Fear Factor

Bonnie Faye Todd, mother
Bonnie Faye Todd, mother
Bonnie Faye Todd, a widow, was beginning to worry as she looked at the clock.  It was over an hour past her daughter's curfew time. She had not even called home as she normally

would when running late. She knew it was not like her daughter to do such a thing. Bonnie had already contacted some of Crystal's friends and none of them knew where she was. But, she did find out her daughter was last seen at 11:20, downtown at the Coastal Mall.

As the time passed, Bonnie's worries increased. She was certain that something was wrong.  It was near 3 a.m. when Bonnie finally decided to call 911 for help. A dispatcher at the Horry County 911 emergency office received Bonnie's call. He could tell that the woman was extremely upset and barely able to talk. After patiently listening, the dispatcher managed to calm her down enough to get her name and some additional information. Bonnie provided a description of her daughter's car, her curfew time, when she last saw her and where she was supposed to be. The dispatcher told Bonnie it was not unusual for teenagers to forget to call home when they are having a good time. He assured her that her daughter would eventually show up and asked Bonnie to notify him when she did.  

It was almost 8:00 that Sunday morning when the dispatcher received another panicky call from Bonnie Todd. She told him that a couple of Crystal's girlfriends had seen her car parked at the Elm Street side of Conway Middle School. The dispatcher immediately contacted the Horry County Police Department and gave them the information he had. He asked for an officer to be sent out to the Todd residence on Juniper Bay Road, in the Highpoint community.

Horry County police patch
Horry County police patch

When the police arrived, they were confronted with a very weary and distraught woman. Bonnie Todd managed to pull herself together enough to provide answers on all that she knew. There was very little the police could say or do to comfort her. They had gotten a report from the police officers at the school grounds where Crystal's car was last seen. The vehicle was found locked and empty. Her purse was still in it and the car keys were missing.


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