This biography of Chicago's George "Bugs" Moran was based on information found in a number of wonderful sources. To portray the man in more than the single dimension of "gangster," and to instead exhibit his story as a maneuvering of time and place, was no easy job. Depending on the source, and the author, the many books I researched ranged from surface rat-a-tat-tat exploitation to scholarly appreciation of the human side of the gangster warfare in Twenties Chicago. Even among the better sources, then came the task of selecting the most accurate and telling account of George Moran's role in the time and place. It is, after all, surprising how many versions exist of various episodes related to his life; history is often conjecture and, again depending on the book and the author, I opted to choose the best "conjecturing". Following are the sources that I found most accurate and well-displayed:




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Da Mob website


Mrs. Jeannette O'Grady for her personal recollections of Chicago in the 1920s.

1. Chicago's Own

2. Pals

3. Beer Barrel Bonanza

4. Battlefield Chicago

5. Bugs, Himself

6. Quest for the Mafia

7. St. Valentine's Day

8. Goodbye, Chicago

9. Bibliography

10. The Author
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